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A Tuple in Swift is a neat way to store multiple values in a single value. You will probably come across tuples in a return function or class. So a tuple is basically a way to represent a collection of values that are closely linked to each other.

So here is an example of a Tuple in Swift:

var player = (“Mark”, 999, true)

The ( ) lets Swift know that you are creating a Tuple. So you would add your values into the parenthesise Tuple as above and separate them with a comma.

Like an array you can return the value using the equivalent index value like so:

Player.0  // = Mark 
Player.1 // = 999

Remember that the index value starts at 0 in arrays and Tuples

As you can see, this is not a very descriptive way to go about it. Another way to get this information and a very cool way I must say is to assign them names. This can be done like this:

var player = (name: “Mark”, score: 999, isGoldMember: true)

Now you can get them out of the Tuple like so: // etc …

Lets say that you’re getting a Tuple back from a function or some other return and you want to decompose it by turning each of the parts into variables. You can do this easily by typing

var (name,score,isGoldMember) = player

Now you can just type put the variable name specified here, like this:


Finally and quite possibly the coolest thing about this feature is that if you don’t want to assign a value you can just put an underscore in its place like so:

var (_, name, _)

There you have it. Go and play with Swift Tuples and see how awesome they are for yourselves.

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