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fake location pokemon go tutorial

Ok, so let me first say that even though this tutorial will show you how to cheat at Pokemon Go and fake your location, I do not condone it. My aim with this tutorial is to utilise the popularity of Pokemon Go and the desire that many have to cheat and hopefully make them interested in becoming iOS Developers. Hopefully then you will want to look at some of our other Swift Tutorials.

For those of you who are new to iOS Programming. Check out our: Swift Programming Tutorial.

First, you will need to Create a New project in Xcode. That link shows you how to create a new Single View Application. What you want to create is a new Game

I have tried and tested this method. I managed to get 400 Magikarp candy in my sleep and evolve that into a Gyarados when I woke up. Like the sound of cheating Pokemon Go and faking your location? Read on.

Setting the project

As I mentioned above you need to create a new project of type “Game”.

xcode project new game

Click Next.

You will then be asked to enter some information. For the purpose of this tutorial you can put anything you want into these fields as you are not publishing the app Live.

Click Next

You will then be asked to choose a location to save your game. Again you can save it anywhere you want. Now click create and voila you have the basics of an Xcode Game.

Now this is where we start doing the cool stuff. This is where I show you how to cheat Pokemon Go and fake your location.

Create a new File (File -> New -> File). You will be presented with a dialogue box that will ask you to chose the file type. Scroll down until you find the file type: GPX File.

Xcode Create GPX File

Click Next.

Another dialogue will pop up and ask you what to call your new file. You can call it whatever you like. I called mine “Sleep Walk”.

This will create a file which will have the following in:

GPX File Contents

Now Head over to and click this symbol to make sure that the site is pointing to your exact location:

Pokemon Go Location

Now. Once you have done that you will notice that the website address has changed to match your exact location:,-0.6996917724609376

Now, in your xcode project and in the GPX File you should change this line:

wpt lat="37.331705" lon="-122.030237"

to match your current location which is in the url we just got:

wpt lat="51.834504631516054" lon="-0.6996917724609376"

You will then need to change the time stamp to match the current time:


This is not the current time. Amend yours accordingly.

Now you need to copy everything inside the tags:

gpx version="1.1" creator="Xcode"

and paste it again.

Head back over to the website and click another location far away. Not too far though.

Follow the steps above to edit the second location with the updates points from the website.


You must not choose a location that is too far. My location is only 20k away. Change the time settings for the second time tags to be 1 hour ahead of the first time you specified.

Now your GPX File should look like this.

GPX Second Location Contents

Save the file.

Run Pokemon Go

Ok, now plug in your device. Xcode will recognise it. Run the Application. When it is running. Go Back to Pokemon Go. But do not close your game app otherwise it will stop running.

Now you are back on Pokemon Go with your game running in the background. You need to head back to Xcode and run the file in the simulator.

Follow this instruction. However, in the drop down list, click the name of the file that you created.

As you can see your avatar in the app will start walking. If you leave your phone and with the app running whilst you sleep, your avatar will keep walking between those two locations repeatedly.

There you go. This is a way to Fake Pokemon Go location and not get banned. At the time of writing this, this is true but who knows what methods in the future they will use to detect cheaters. As I have said, I do not condone this.

By the way, for some of you, you have just created your first iOS Application. Congratulations. Carry on coding. It's great fun. And a bonus you figured out how to fake pokemon go location.

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