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Ok, so let me first say that even though this tutorial will show you how to cheat at Pokemon Go and fake your location, I do not condone it. My aim with this tutorial is to utilise the popularity of Pokemon Go and the desire that many have to cheat and hopefully make them interested in becoming iOS Developers. Hopefully then you will want to look at some of our other Swift Tutorials. For those of you who are new

In this quick tutorial I am going to show you a few tricks I have learned whilst using placeholders, more specifically easy ways to change the color. The first will be how to change the placeholder color programmatically in Swift, then how to change the placeholder color using an extension and finally another trick in how to change the placeholder color using User Defined Runtime Attributes. What is a placeholder Well, a placeholder is a character, word, or string of

In this Swift Tutorial I am going to show you how to detect when the user has made the device go into low power mode and to stay updated on the mode as it changes. I will show you how to accomplish this using a property from the class NSProcessInfo called: LowPowerModeEnabled and then listening to the state change using: NSProcessInfoPowerStateDidChangeNotification.

In this Swift, WatchKit Glance Tutorial I am going to show you how to provide succinct and useful information to the users of the Apple Watch. In what is called a Glance which is an extension of WatchKit. For this we will be utilizing the WKInterfaceController object This WatchKit Glance tutorial assumes that you have a basic understand of the and Xcode basics. It also assumes that you are familiar with watchOS and WatchKit. Check out our to get you