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Detect screenshots like snapchat logo

Have you got the Snapchat App? Even taken a screenshot of the image because you wanted to keep it forever? Ever wondered how to do that in your own app?

Before iOS 7, detecting screenshots in your application used to be touchesCancelled:withEvent:, however Apple has made it so touchesCancelled:withEvent: is no longer called when the user takes a screenshot with your application open.

This would effectively break Snapchat entirely, so a couple betas in a new solution was added. Now, the solution to detect screenshots in your application is as simple as using NSNotificationCenter to add an observer to UIApplicationUserDidTakeScreenshotNotification.

Here’s some examples of detecting screenshots Objective-C and Swift:

How to detect screenshots in Objective C

NSOperationQueue *mainQueue = [NSOperationQueue mainQueue];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserverForName:UIApplicationUserDidTakeScreenshotNotification
          usingBlock:^(NSNotification *note) {
             // executes after screenshot

How to detect screenshots in Swift

let mainQueue = NSOperationQueue.mainQueue()
    object: nil,
    queue: mainQueue) { notification in
        // executes after screenshot

There you go, now you can detect screenshots in Objective-C and Swift. If you have used this method in one of your apps, post it below in the comments, if you have another way around then please feel to comment and help make this a really good article and help a budding iOS developer with how to detect screenshots in Objective-C and Swift.

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