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The first installment of a Swift Tutorial Series aimed at getting you upto speed with the contacts framework. Part one will cover What is the Contact Framework, Using the CNContactStore Class and the CNContact Object. I will show you how to create Contacts in Swift and add in extra information like birthdays, anniversaries, social media profiles and more.

iOS has always been an outstanding platform for building awesome apps, that’s why iOS apps are of a very high standards, so as for iOS users they expect a great experience in every app they use they won’t tolerate a bug or two in a new app & they will definitely ignore an app that has bad reviews on the app store. That’s why every successful app nowadays has an in-app feedback mechanism to avoid bad reviews on the app

In iOS 4.0 Apple introduced the iAd framework, making it possible for iOS developers to include ads in their apps, and thereby earning revenue as the app users view or interact with the ads. But iAd isn’t available in all countries. At this time the iAd network is only available in: The U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan. UPDATE Due to the fact that the iAD Network is closing down, check out our If your primary customer base

As part of new iOS5 Apple introduces COreBluetooth a brand new framework for Low-Energy devices (aka LE), this framework has no documentation by now but we can discover how to use it with bluetooth devices. According to this Apple also has the Made-For-iPhone program that allows companies to build new peripherals for the iPhone ( We can figure out this new framework because we have an example of CoreBluetooth for Mac ( CoreBluetooth conforms CBCentralManagerDelegate and CBPeripheralDelegate protocols, first one

IOKit is one of iOS’s private frameworks, and is used to access hardware and device capabilities. WARNING: since this is a private framework, if you submit an app to the App Store that links to this framework, it will be rejected. That said, let’s start by creating a new Xcode Project. You can pick any of the predefined templates. Once that is done, access the Project Settings, then select the Target. Go to Build Phases, then the Link Binary With