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When, as a developer, you come from another language to Objective-C, you usually want to map the general concepts about programming you already know to this new language that at first might seems obscure. I remember myself being confused by the Objective-C syntax when I started learning it. What at first look might not make sense actually does a lot when you get a grasp of it and in my opinion (and the opinion of many other developers) makes the

Recently, I needed to connect to the Foursquare API for an app that I was working on.  Foursquare uses OAuth 2.0, which is the standard that most API providers use these days.   I ran into a couple of issues and thought I would write up a short tutorial to help someone else out.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to handle OAuth in an iOS application.  We will be referencing foursquare’s document located here in this tutorial.

When designing and developing apps for iOS, you may find that most of the time you are doing something such as [UIFont systemFontOfSize:13.0f] But you don’t have to! iOS comes with a huge list of fonts that can be easily included in your application with ease to make your apps look even nicer than before. One way to check the list of fonts, is to open up Interface Builder and check out the list of fonts from the inspector for

So you’ve decided that iOS development is for you, or maybe you haven’t and you need some convincing. You have heard or read success stories on small ideas generating tons of money in the Apple Store, and your keen to get on board, but your afraid of the overwhelmingly large iOS documentation, or worse, having your app rejected by Apple! Don’t fear, I was, and still am of that opinion.