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We have tried our best to gather and collate for you this list of iOS Development Resources. All these resources have been selected, submitted and endorsed by the iOS Development Community (We do not personally endorse any of these resources). We have categorized these to make it easier for you. It is recommended that you bookmark this page as it’s constantly been updated with new and exciting resources.

Speaking of, Do you know of any iOS Development resources that are not listed here? Please Scroll down and fill in the form below to submit a resource and let us know.

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Top Pick

Perfect Swift

If you’re already developing in Swift and you need back-end server software, Perfect eliminates the need to choose and learn a back-end language by allowing you to use Swift for all your coding.

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  1. App Bot – Monitor app store reviews
  2. Tokens – Tokens makes it remarkably easy to generate, share, and track promo codes for your iOS and Mac apps.
  3. Press Friendly – Find press interested in talking about your app
  4. Appsfire – Mobile ads
  5. AppBounty – Play & Get Paid
  6. Envato Marketplace – Buy resources for your app


  1. Mastering Swift 4 – by Packt Publishing
  2. Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) – by Matthew Mathias
  3. Swift 2 for Absolute Beginners – by Gary Bennett
  4. Swift Development with Cocoa: Developing for the Mac and iOS App Stores – by Jonathon Manning
  5. The Swift Apprentice: Beginning Programming with Swift 2 – by Janie Clayton
  6. Swift For Dummies – by Jesse Feiler


  1. Iubenda – Mobile app privacy policy
  2. Unbabel – App Localization
  3. Bitbucket – Private code repositories
  4. Media Toolkit – Monitors mentions of your app
  5. – Like for apps
  6. Ap Salar – Data driven mobile ad platform
  7. Google – Mobile backend

iOS Business

  1. ASO Professional – Teaches you about ASO
  2. Review Times – Apple App Store review times
  3. My App Venture – Business of the App Store
  4. Luke W – Mobile app business blog
  5. Sky Rocket – Monetize any ad service


  1. XC Pretty – Xcode formatter
  2. Wasted – Make iOS packages smaller
  3. Xcode Statistician – Analyses your Xcode project for bloat
  4. Podlife – iOS to manage your project’s dependencies
  5. Cocoacats – Resource for Cocoa categories
  6. Cocoa Controls – Open source Cocoa components
  7. Sprite Builder – Game development suite for rapidly building iOS games
  8. iTerm – xcode alternative
  9. Git Tower – Git Mac client


  1. App Icon Template – Generate all your app icons easily and in 5mins
  2. App Design Vault – App Design Templates
  3. Acorn – Image Editing
  4. – iOS UI inspiration
  5. Icons and Coffee – iOS icons
  6. Ivo Mynttinen – iOS design cheatsheet
  7. Protoshare – Wireframe and mockup
  8. Designing Mobile Apps – Book that teaches iOS app design
  9. Prepo – Preview iOS artwork.
  10. Promotee – iOS app product shots
  11. SIP – samples and encodes any color on screen

Security & Testing

  1. Lookback – iOS user testing
  2. Switchboard – iOS A/B testing.
  3. Keen IO – Mobile app analytics
  4. Charles – Proxy monitoring
  5. Reveal – Beautiful iOS debugging
  6. Shake Report – Bug reports from users
  7. Bee – iOS issue tracking
  8. Crittercism – Stop worrying and start building. Mobile app performance monitoring
  9. Raygun – iOS app error tracking

Libraries & Open Source

  1. VC Transitions – Easy iOS transitions
  2. CS Sticky – UI collection view animations
  3. Blurry Modal – Popup screen for iOS apps
  4. Canvas – Easy iOS animations
  5. NGA Parallax – No code iOS parallax motion
  6. TP Keyboard – Library to prevent keyboard from blocking screen
  7. TTAttributed Label – makes UIlabel links clickable
  8. SS Toolkit – Libraries for gradients, collection view, and more


  1. App Release Checklist – iOS app checklist
  2. Hey Focus – Helps you focus on a task
  3. Objective Cloud – Objective C in the cloud
  4. Thermal – Core data editor
  5. Big Papoo – Replacement for installing Adhoc apps
  6. Tweriod – Tells you the best time to tweet
  7. Helpscout – Handle email support for users
  8. Hipmob – In-app live chat
  9. Flat Mobile App Design in Photoshop CC – Design flat apps easier.

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